Yes, I'm "Training" for This

Colin "briefcasing" his bike over the barriers at the 2009 Ice Weasels.
Photo courtesy of PainFace @ DoubleHop
Everyone else seems to be winding their season down, while I've been ramping things up after Thanksgiving. I've been living my cycling life vicariously for four weeks by reading race reports and watching various chainstayhandlebar and seatpost cam footage. I totaled 6 rides for the month of November.

Despite the lack of activity, and one big-eatin' holiday, I've only a put a coupla pounds on during my "convalescence". Workouts since have gone very well in this c-c-c-cold weather we've been having around here, although yesterday's was cut short due to some major calf-cramping I just could not shake.

Gonna wait until mid-day today when it's (hopefully) just above freezing to get one last hard ride in before mixing it up Ice Weasels Cometh on Saturday!