Spring Cycling Adventures

Here's a compilation of some of the high points of the last three weeks of cycling adventures. Waited too long to get this all up here so I'm going minimal on the descriptions of the rides and letting the photos tell the stories. (Skip to a gallery of all of the photos)

First, I got around to migrating the winter service course back out of the basement and into the garage.
A winter's worth of neglect.
From 2013 Spring Cycling Adventures

Now we're looking shipshape!
From 2013 Spring Cycling Adventures

In preparation for the upcoming road/CX combo rides I was planning to do, I got in a decent training ride that included a run down this railway line from Wayland to Weston.
From 2013 Spring Cycling Adventures

Next up, a 40 mile loop, the Ride Studio Café: Diverged ride, which took us on many roads and trails in Lexington, Belmont, Arlington, and Wincester. We got lost A LOT but had a ton of fun.