Shut Out of Harpoon B2B in Less Than 1 Minute!

That's right, I was awake and alert at 7 a.m this morning, fingers at the ready to hit "Reload" on the B2B registration page.
Furiously, I typed in the required information on the page and hit "Submit". To my astonishment, the slots were all taken by the time my submission made it to the B2B server.
Now all I can do is hope I can snag someone else's slot for the ride.


2009 Rehash - 2010 Goals Set

Got a 1 hour trainer session in yesterday and again today - this momentum will help me get caught up on the backlog of Heroes episodes I've collected since the fall. Felt pretty good, considering I hadn't been on the bike or trainer since early November. Sheesh.

Good news is my period of winter laziness was much shorter than last year - as long as I stick to it. Let's take a look back at 2009 and see how different it was from 2008:

  • I bumped my total mileage up 9.5% from 2,640 miles to 2,889.
  • My total "saddle time" was down 2%, largely due to the complete lack of indoor trainer sessions early in 2009 and the very late start of road work (May).
  • For the same reason, I only logged 101 days with rides in '09 while in '08, I got in 112. Can't complain as most of those 101 days were on the road and not trainer sessions.
  • Average monthly weight for the year was 172 vs. 2008's 177 lbs. (I'm starting 2010 at 169)

Things I'm happy about as I look back on 2009:

  • Went from getting dropped to not only keeping up with the MRC Wednesday night crew but having a few very respectable performances.
  • Rode 3 centuries during the year: Climb to the Clouds, Chatham-Provencetown and back, CRW Fall Century
  • Regularly mixed in some good core body exercise as well as started to log a few running miles.


  • No Wells Ave. races
  • Couldn't afford to buy a CX bike.
  • Didn't enter any races
  • Got sick in the late fall and stayed off the bike until new year

Ok, enough about the past - what about the coming year? How about a few goals?

  • Complete the Harpoon B2B
  • Centuries
  • Enter 5 Wells Ave races (early season)
  • Enter Sterling Classic
  • Enter 5 Charlie Baker time trials
  • Save pennies for a CX bike and race it in the fall
  • Make running a regular part of weekly workouts
  • Set PR's for 20 and 40 miles

Is that too many? I didn't want to make it too easy!

Sunday Random Bike Pic

In the snow, originally uploaded by Saskya.