January Century

Among my goals for 2014, I decided that I should do one century ride each month. Somehow, most of January slipped by when, this past Sunday, I realized there was only 5 days left in the month.

So, I rushed into it a bit. Sure, I had a few 2 hour-plus trainer rides under my belt but not much time out in the chilly air.

Mile Zero. I looked confident then.

Insert 2013 Cyclocross Season Here

Quad: felt good, raced hard, paced myself well.

Midnight Ride: Fell hard on 1st lap, knocked the wind out, battled the rest of the way.

Gloucester: Flatted 2.5 laps in while just in the top 20, DNF'd. Should have run to pit.

Providence: 2nd or 3rd to last row start and all the fun that that entails.