Shifting Gears

Distance: 18 miles

Time: 56:22

Avg. speed: 19.15 mph

Weather: 74-73º, humidty 62-64%, wind SW9-WSW9


Not much time to ride today, so intervals seemed appropriate, what with the Jamestown Classic looming ahead of me I need to concentrate more on burst speed than my recent attention to endurance.

20 minutes of warmup at 150 BPM, (only) 5 x 30 second all-out sprints with rest between each until HR dropped to 140 BPM (usually about 2 minutes or so). Really wanted to do 8-10 intervals but quit when the 5th was pretty lackluster. Return home at 160-165 BPM.

Another busy day tomorrow, may have to be a trainer workout...

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