2009 Rehash - 2010 Goals Set

Got a 1 hour trainer session in yesterday and again today - this momentum will help me get caught up on the backlog of Heroes episodes I've collected since the fall. Felt pretty good, considering I hadn't been on the bike or trainer since early November. Sheesh.

Good news is my period of winter laziness was much shorter than last year - as long as I stick to it. Let's take a look back at 2009 and see how different it was from 2008:

  • I bumped my total mileage up 9.5% from 2,640 miles to 2,889.
  • My total "saddle time" was down 2%, largely due to the complete lack of indoor trainer sessions early in 2009 and the very late start of road work (May).
  • For the same reason, I only logged 101 days with rides in '09 while in '08, I got in 112. Can't complain as most of those 101 days were on the road and not trainer sessions.
  • Average monthly weight for the year was 172 vs. 2008's 177 lbs. (I'm starting 2010 at 169)

Things I'm happy about as I look back on 2009:

  • Went from getting dropped to not only keeping up with the MRC Wednesday night crew but having a few very respectable performances.
  • Rode 3 centuries during the year: Climb to the Clouds, Chatham-Provencetown and back, CRW Fall Century
  • Regularly mixed in some good core body exercise as well as started to log a few running miles.


  • No Wells Ave. races
  • Couldn't afford to buy a CX bike.
  • Didn't enter any races
  • Got sick in the late fall and stayed off the bike until new year

Ok, enough about the past - what about the coming year? How about a few goals?

  • Complete the Harpoon B2B
  • Centuries
  • Enter 5 Wells Ave races (early season)
  • Enter Sterling Classic
  • Enter 5 Charlie Baker time trials
  • Save pennies for a CX bike and race it in the fall
  • Make running a regular part of weekly workouts
  • Set PR's for 20 and 40 miles

Is that too many? I didn't want to make it too easy!

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