What, You Think I've Been Doing NOTHING?

If you go by the amount of activity here, you could come to a number of conclusions. You could assume I gave up on cycling. You might think I got so busy with work and had no time to devote to it.

Granted, there was a long gap between outdoor rides that ran from Jan 4th through March 2nd - all that snow!

As it turns out, I've been on a roll training-wise like never before. Gliding right into indoor training from cross season and dodging the nasty cold I usually get during the early winter has me approaching the spring in better shape than I have ever been for this, the 3rd incarnation of my cycling life. I've been eating well all winter and combined with the workouts, have got my weight down to where it was in July of last year.

Good looking numbers:

The entries in my log for January through March look more like what you'd expect during mid-summer from me.

I programmed workouts into my Garmin Edge 500 from both Joe Friel's "The Cyclist's Training Bible" and Sally Edwards' "Heart Zones Cycling". I also participated in a structured weekly CompuTrainer workout with seven others and even did two simulations on the CT of the Tour of the Battenkill race course (one in January and one last week).


Phooey, wanted to finish this post a week ago but got really busy with work. Here's the quick catchup: tomorrow is the Tour of the Battenkill. The MRC has it's largest ever squad of cyclists entered. We've got a strong 4 man team in the Cat 5 35+ (yes, I'm racing DOWN one age group) consisting of myself, Jeremy Cratty, Scott Sweeney and Todd Prekaski.

They are all up there as I write this, pre-riding part of the course, plotting strategy and probably having a couple of beers. I've got to usher at a concert at our church tonight but then straight home for a small snack and to bed.

Dialed in the bike earlier today, packed the cooler, loaded the car and laid out the bike duds. In the morning: coffee, cereal and a good poop. Then it's off to Cambridge, NY with me.

Stay tuned.

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