Quad Cross Photos by 20# Skull

Fellow MRC cyclist/photog Todd Prekaski, aka 20# Skull, got this shot of me contemplating a remount right after the start. Every one of those guys, and more, eventually passed me:

"Must... hold them off... a little longer!"
More photos from QuadCross are here in 20# Skull's Facebook gallery.

Here's my photos.


20PoundSkull said...

You don't really want to mount that bike again.

Russ Campbell said...

The look on my face is like, "What is this thing you call a bicycle?"

And it's only the first lap.

velocb said...

Great photo....haha love both your comments. You do have a look like really I have to get back on you and keep these bad men at bay...Great work out there on the bike and off!

Nick said...

You have freakishly big calves Russ. They look to be as big as your quads - um at quad.

Russ Campbell said...

Hehe, I just realized that the Seaside Cycle guy behind me is the guy who's race number got swapped with mine.