Filling in the (HUGE) Gaps - 2012 Wrap Up

Been quite a while since I threw anything up here so I figured I'd give a go at slapping together, in (few) words and (lots of) pictures, a rough summary of what I've done since April. I'm piecing this together through a combination of a review of my cycling log and the photos taken.

Spring found me doing quite a bit of solo MTB riding.

That is not to say that I did not enjoy the company of friends from time to time.

I suffered my share of injuries and insults...

Took the longest ride of my life in June...

Got organized.


Got some new duds.

Got dirty.

Raced, a little.

© Tiffany Remy

Got hurt. Again. So I concentrated on taking photos.

Saw some interesting things.

Promoted and ran my first cyclocross race. I photographed it too.

Ate and ate and ate...

Drank some coffee...

In the meantime, I began to heal up and got back on the bike.

So grateful for all the new friends I made this year.

Said goodbye to a very, very dear one.

Perhaps this is all fairly typical for a someone who gets bit by the the cycling bug: ups, downs, memories both fond and not. Successes both great and small, failures both monumental and inconsequential.

Aches, pains and that "good kind of tired."

So I end 2012 with two goals in mind:

First, I will try to remember that although my experiences might not be all that special, the experiences of the people I meet seem special to them and I should respect that. Always.

And the other goal is to...

Thanks for reading!

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