USA Cycling Adds New Cat 5 to Cyclocross

via cxhairs.com:

1E6: Category 5 established for men in cyclo-cross and upgrade system changed to resemble the road more. There will be voluntary upgrades and mandatory upgrades based on points. Cat 5 to Cat 4 upgrade by experience only.

More here: http://www.cxhairs.com/2013/01/23/cat-5-in-cross-its-here/

This presents interesting problems for race promoters to sort out:
  • the race day would potentially get longer with an extra field, thus more costly (officials, EMT, site fees)
  • rolling the new 5's in with the 4's might mean an unmanageable number of racers on the course
  • dealing with yet ANOTHER disparity between men's and women's races (no Cat 5 has been established for women)
Lucky that the announcement came about as far away from the start of the cross season as it could so that promoters can figure out what they will have to do.

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