Adjustment Time

Distance: 25.3 miles

Time: 1:14:22

Avg. speed: 20.3 mph

Weather: 63-67º, humidity 79-69%, wind WNW2-calm

Wildlife seen: muskrat

Song stuck in head: A Glorious Dawn - Melodysheep


First road ride in four days: very busy work schedule this past week – which I can't complain about given how slow things were in August and into September. I got one interval ride in this past Tuesday and one trainer session in Friday morning and that was it for all of last week.

Much "non-training guilt" as well as facing up to the realization that I would have to pass on doing the Major Taylor Century today. Scratch one goal that I set just four weeks ago. I've also been feeling just a bit off the last couple of days.

Yesterday's heavy rains gave way to fair, mild weather today and after doing the Sunday morning family stuff and minding the ranch while my wife did her power walk, I got my self suited up and rode the "CC" route. I started very easy and steadily increased my effort until, when I was passing the Minuteman Airfield, I was in full TT thrust.

I was able to keep this up all the way back along South Acton Road, where at one point I was holding 28 mph on the stretch just before the hairpin turn onto Red Acre Road. Not too shabby.

But the front-end creaks are back, not so much as before but there. I'll have to check the skewer again and find out if I need to lube the areas of the headset bearing where they contact the inside of the head tube (when I took it apart that one time, they were dry).

Anyways, I did alright along Red Acre but faded on the second tier going up Pomposittcutt. The last couple of miles were uneventful.

I've been feeling dog-tired ever since I got off the bike, I hope I'm not coming down with something more serious.

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