cycling 091025-013, originally uploaded by rusto.


Distance: 36.2 miles

Time: 2:07:22

Avg. speed: 17.06 mph

Weather: 60-61ยบ, humidity 47-44%, wind WNW 14 G21 - WNW9

Song stuck in head: What Can I Say - Boz Scaggs


Easy-to-moderate effort ride that wandered around Sudbury, Stow and Acton. To make it to the start point (Fairchild Center in Sudbury) on time, I had to pretty much do a time trial for the 4 or so miles from home.

Near the end, we cranked up the pace to 25+ for a few miles, switching off lead postions in turn. I felt pretty good considering the utter lack of saddle time lately (save a 1hr trainer session on Saturday

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