Damned Chilly for August

Distance: 39.9 mi.

Time: 2:01:38

Avg. speed: 19.67 mph

Weather: 51-67º, humidity 90-55%, wind calm-NW8, sunny

August mileage total: 197 miles


MRC group ride billed as "flat" with pace of 19 mph - delivered as advertised. Same loop as done last Saturday.

It was very chilly at the start, about as cold as the mornings this past May. Arm warmers were nearly enough. In attendance were Gary D, Gary S, Mark, Steve K, Ian R and Tony W.

Apart from a bit of hammering as we headed down Monument Street in Concord, the pace was well above leisurely but just below brisk. Moderate effort to a "T".

I was hoping to add on an additional hour but killed the idea as my stomach was a bit gurgly during the ride. Otherwise, I felt pretty good – took a few good pulls as we went along.

After the ride, Ian passed out the sweet new retro wool MRC jerseys he ordered for us (there is quite a bit of moiré in this image) – I wish I'd had mine on for the first half of today's ride:

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