That's Me Retirement Grrrease!

Distance: 35.3 mi.

Time: 1:40:22

Avg. speed: 21.1 mph

Weather: 78º, 55% humidity, wind SSW8, sunny

Song stuck in head: Build Me Up Buttercup - The Foundations

August mileage total: 134 miles

Got out and tore apart rear hub and freewheel to put a steak in the heart of the noise I've been getting the last couple of rides. Grease on right side of hub was disconcertingly brown (it's green out of the tube) so I cleaned everything thoroughly, loaded it good with grease and reassembled.

I need someone to clue me into how to adjust the cones on the rear hub of my Bonty wheel: it has a cone and a lock nut on the left side and only the cone – which is fixed – on the right. I'll get some pics of it all next time I tear it down.

Over the left cone is a rubber, cone-shaped cover that keeps dirt/water out but you can't lock down that cone without putting wrench on it as you tighten the locknut because the cover has to be installed on the axle first. It took twenty minutes of fiddling about before I finally tried squashing the rubber cover over a cone wrench as I tightened the lock nut down with another cone wrench. Then I had to "massage" the cover back into shape so it would seal properly. Gotta be a better way.


Had a tight riding window of 2 hours today, which included prep and post ride reorganization/shower, so I rode the rollery route - and rode it hard.

Beat best previous time by a slim 2 seconds. Felt very strong throughout and did a great job of spinning it hard all the way (97 rpm avg. cadence). Faded a bit on Parker Street during the last few miles but got a second wind and kicked it back up for the finish.

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