To the Cape


Distance: 21.5 mi.

Time: 1:08:44

Avg. speed: 18.77 mph

Weather: high 70's, very humid


Friday morning "coffee clatch" ride with Doug, Chris, Smudger, Steve, Rob, Alan and Carl. LIke last week, it took a couple of hills for me to warm up but I was fine after that. Very humid.

Very lively sprint at the end. Lesson learned: sprint THROUGH the finish (duh) - I was 3rd wheel approaching the end and eased up with about 10 ft to go and two people passed me.

Left Achilles tendon pretty sore late in the day.



Distance: 23.45 mi.

Time: 1:19:00

Avg. speed: 17.81 mph

Weather: 75ยบ, humidity 89%, wind E8, cloudy, occasional light rain

August mileage total: 412 miles


Easy ride with brother Doug out of Chatham (Cape Cod) along bike trail. Hoping Hurricane Bill does not mess up our plans to ride big either Sunday or Monday.

Left Achilles tendon still a bit tender, a rain day Sunday would keep me off bike and allow some healing for Monday...

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