Overdid It


Distance: 21.9 miles

Time: 1:12:17

Avg. speed: 18.2 mph

Weather (at start): 57º, humidity 99%, calm

Joined the Friday morning "coffee clatch" out of Northboro. Doug, Rob, Carl, Alan, Chris, Gary S and I rode the fairly hilly route, starting at 5:40 a.m. Once we got going, I was lagging on the first couple of climbs. It was pretty cold and I guess I needed a longer warmup because I kept up with the group after that.

As we headed back towards the traffic circle in South Berlin, Carl initiated a sprint which I responded to and rolled into the intersection just behind him. After, we popped into Taza D'oro (we rode from there) and had some "coffee and...". Not a bad way to start the day.

When I got home, I headed down to Landry's to drop my wheels off to be trued and have the hubs overhauled.


Saturday - Run

Distance: about 2 miles

Time: 0:16:49

My family and I were in Milford, CT this weekend visiting my sister and her kids. Since my wheels were in the shop, I ran instead. Felt pretty good, even though at 6:30 a.m., the air was already pretty hot and thick.

Spent the rest of the day lounging around the beach.


Sunday - Run

Distance: about 1.75 miles

Time: 0:14:38

I should have left well enough alone. I was warned not to bite off too much too soon.

Went out for another run this morning, same route as yesterday. Legs were only slightly achy and I did a decent warmup/stretch beforehand but with about 1/4 mile remaining in the run, my left Achilles tendon suddenly started to hurt just a little bit. What little I've read on running has warned against "running through the pain" so I slowed to walk the rest of the way back and did some careful stretching.

As I type this, BOTH Achilles tendons are pretty tight and descending stairs is kind of painful. I'm hoping a short spin on the trainer and/or a walk will help loosen things up.

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