By the Numbers – July 2009

Got my miles up over last year, a little shy of what I wanted to do. Just shy of my maximum number of rides/WLT sessions in a month (21 vs. 22). Nothing to complain about here.

I've finally managed to break the 1 hour boredom barrier on the trainer this month. Achieving that will serve me well in the winter months. 2500 minutes in the saddle is about the most I can hope to squeeze in if I am to get work done and keep my family happy. Unless I make a habit of starting more of my rides at 6 a.m instead of 8 or 9 a.m...

My weight loss is pretty much paralleling last years, albeit a month earlier. We'll see if August brings a stable weight in the mid-to-high 160's or if I can get it to stay below 165.


Wess said...

Russ - can I ask what program are you using to track this info?

Russ Campbell said...

I'm just logging the raw numbers then graphing them in Apple's iWork Numbers (essentially Apple's flavor of M'Soft Excel spreadsheet program).

I record route, distance, time, avg speed, top speed, avg cadence, max cadence, avg heart rate, max heart rate, pre and post ride weight, weather conditions and the last column contains comments about each ride.

I give each year it's own sheet and pull the data forward to the summary on the current year so I can compare year-to-year. You can see that I have revealed that I am a total slug during the winter months – I have vowed to change that this coming year.

Happy to make a copy available for download if you want (I can export to Excel if needed).

Wess said...

Russ -
yes, a copy (excel) would be great , if you don't mind sharing. Been trying to log the workouts and haven't come up with a good (SIMPLE) effective tool as of yet.
Much appreciated!

Wess said...

my email would help...

paulwessel at gmail dot com