By Dawn's Early Light

Distance: 45.2 mi.

TIme: 2:21:37

Avg. Speed: 19.1

Weather: 63-78º, 89-56% humidity, wind WSW 7-16

Song stuck in head: Ride - Old 97's

I can't tell you how nice it was to ride today in sunny, clear weather. No rain jacket, no arm warmers, no shoe covers and no messy cleanup afterwards.

Set out early this morning from Atkinson Pool in Sudbury with Alan H and Diane T and did a clockwise loop that took us through Stow, LIttleton, Carlisle, Concord and back. The route (below) consisted of low rolling hills pretty much all the way through. We did the ride with a moderate effort, which I was grateful for since I haven't ridden much this week - but I definitely felt like I had more horsepower available than I used.

Tomorrow: I hope to ride the 60 mi. C2C route out of Bolton and try to keep up with Steve K and Pattie D.

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