Light and Easy

Distance: 24.6 mi.

Time: 1:20:40

Avg. speed: 18.27mph

July mileage total: 352 mi.

Weather: 74-82º, 73-52% humidity, wind WSW3-W4, sunny

Easy, easy ride today. I successfully resisted the urge to stomp, mash, sprint or otherwise turn up the heat. And I liked it!

First, I mounted one of my cameras, a Canon G10, to the handlebars of my Lemond Alpe d'Huez. (click photo for larger view with notes)

Using a Bogen/Manfrotto Nano clamp, a Bogen/Manfrotto 323 Quick Change plate, a 1/4-20 stud with a 1/4-20 nut as a spacer, I was able to attach the camera securely. I also added a section of inner tube to protect my handlebars from the Nano clamp. I still need to get a 62mm UV filter and a step down ring which I will attach to a Canon DC-58 adapter to protect the camera's lens. I'll also have to work on some way of protecting the camera from sweat and errant water bottle squirts.

Off I went towards downtown Maynard to shoot a test video:

You'll note that I amped up the speed of the playback considerably. I dropped the audio portion as the wind blows across the tiny holes in the camera body, creating a loud, annoying rumbling sound. I plan on experimenting with tape and foam rubber to see if I can attenuate the rumble. It would be nice to be able to hear some of the regular road noise, mid-ride dialog, traffic sounds, etc. I added a favorite electronica track from my collection that seemed to go with the antsy pace of the video.

After playing cinematographer, I pedaled out of Maynard, into Sudbury past Atkinson Pool, across Rte. 62 to Hudson Road. Then onto Lantern Road, up Harvard to Garner and Eldridge.

I turned around at Stow Road (Ha!), went left onto Old Harvard to Burroughs and down the rest of the way home via my 20 mi. TT return route.

The whole way, I kept my HR below 150 bpm. Often it was pegged at 140 bpm. I was surprised at the speed I was able to maintain while holding to the constraint of a lower HR target. Granted, the terrain was relatively flat but I am comfortable attributing it to being in much better shape.

One thing I did not escape by reducing my effort: the heat. I don't think I got out of breath at all for the whole ride but by the end, I was dripping with sweat - good practice for Sunday as I'll likely be riding from 7:30 or so right past mid-day into the early afternoon.

Tomorrow morning, it's a pit stop session. Not only will I be tweaking brakes, derailleurs, cleaning chain, etc. but I'll have to change out my rear tube. Minutes before I headed out Wednesday to join the MRC crew, I pumped up my tires and broke off the little valve screw (red arrow, left). Mercifully, it happened when I was removing the pump and it held air (right through today's ride) but I'm not taking any chances with it on Sunday.

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