The Heat Was Hot

Distance: 30.7 mi.

Time: 1:36:26

Avg. speed: 19.1 mph

Weather: 75-82º, humidity 91-69%, wind S6-SSW11, sunny/hazy

July mileage total: 594 miles

Song stuck in head: Time - Pink Floyd

Looks like we're finally into the usual late summer weather pattern as of today - hot, hazy, humid w/chance of t-storms in the afternoon.

I've been liking the loop down past Atkinson Pool and Lake Boon in Sudbury so much that I grafted it onto one of my Harvard rides this morning, thus giving a good 12 miles or more of flat to slight incline riding before the serious climbs begin. (map at end of post)

Not a lot to report, except to say that I am still progressing in strength and endurance by measurable amounts: this morning, I did the Stow Road climb in 5' 50", a personal record. I'm cautiously waiting for that first big fitness plateau to arrive...

MAINTENANCE: I had to return home after only a hundred yards of riding to un-stick my rear brake - tomorrow a.m. it's new cables and guides!

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