Saving It for Sunday

Distance: 24.9 mi.

Time: 1:16:26

Avg. speed: 19.53 mph

July mileage total: 327 mi.

Weather: 77-78º, 66-65%, wind S9-SSW11, cloudy

With the CRW C2C looming, I decided to do a shorter ride with moderate effort this morning. I needed some spare tubes, so I rode up to Pedal Power in Acton (don't get me started) for the purchase then took Rte 27 up to 225 in order to continue from there on my "roller route" through Carlisle, Concord and back home. Target HR was 150 bpm.

Even though yesterday's ride was so intense and the expectation was that I would be pretty sore and tired today, I felt very good throughout the ride. I was able to maintain a fair clip on the flats and the climbs seemed shorter and less steep than usual.

Tomorrow, I plan on a very easy ride of 30 miles or less and reserve Saturday for a good bike tune/clean session.

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