Easy Does It

Distance: 30.6 mi.

Time: 1:41:36

Avg. Speed: 18.06 mph

Weather: 44-55º, clear and calm

Song stuck in head: Going Mobile - The Who

Moderate to easy effort with Gary (MRC) on his lollipop-shaped loop to Concord and back. Glad for it: hard ride yesterday and only got 4 hours sleep last night as I had an evening assignment in Boston. Developed some drivetrain noise (BB/FD/chain) along the way that will get some attention this afternoon.

Tomorrow is one of those rest days that will be comprised of other physical efforts (big shoot on Thompson Island all day), so it might be better to merely call it an "off-the-bike" day. I think Tuesday morning, I'll find out how fast I can do 30 miles on my rollery loop that goes into Littleton/Carlisle/Concord.

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