Getting What You Want

Distance: 28.85 mi.

Time: 1:49:25

Avg. Speed: 15.82 mph

Weather: 52-58º, 47-36% humidity, wind NW12-E9

Song stuck in head: Clementine - Megan Washington

Bleah, had a much more detailed post composed but the client app, Ecto, that I use to create them lost the whole body of my post at the moment I published it and now I have to get some 'real' work done. I'll try to recreate it later.

Summary: today's ride was a very easy spin along the route I rode with Gary of the MRC a little while back. Many thanks to my friend, John K. who was content to poke along with me this morning.

UPDATE - I found a little time to recreate some of the post Ecto lost on me this morning:

There are days you get the ride you deserve. Sometimes, you get the ride you want. And sometimes you get the ride you need. I think today's ride fits all three of these possibilities.

After this weekend's hard riding, I was due for an easy effort and my friend John K. was willing to tag along as I spun along. John can surprise you with his stamina even though he doesn't regularly ride, but I think he was grateful that we weren't going to push very hard this morning.

We rode into Concord (link to route above) along familiar roads and since we weren't cranking, a good conversation developed as we went. John has lived in Maynard a bit longer than I and knows much of the local history, lore and lay of the land. Among other things, we talked about observing Memorial Day, the King Philip's War, how delightful that our children play so well together and cycling hand signals.

This last topic became relevant when John was ahead and suddenly swerved to the left, revealing a parked, maroon Toyota Camry about 10 feet in front of me. I managed to dodge it and reminded John that when you are tucked in behind somebody, you are counting on them to be your eyes - even on easy rides. It's easier to remember that responsibility when you are riding at speed - your senses are heightened, you are more alert - but if you are poking along and chatting, you can get distracted and make a mistake that could harm someone riding with you.

Anyway, the ride was just what I wanted, needed and dare I say it, deserved, to bridge between last weekend's hard rides and the prospect of riding out with the MRC crew tomorrow afternoon.

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