Distance: 30.8 mi.
Time: 1:41:15
Avg. Speed: 18.25
Weather: 60º, winds calm, mist and rain
Song stuck in head: You Are The Everything, REM
Early morning ride today. Met up with Gary from the MRC at Shaws in Stow at 5:30 a.m. and set out on wet roads and light mist. Gary was hoping for a "casual recovery ride" and I was glad for that, having put in a long day on my feet yesterday.
Our route took us from the Shaw's parking lot in Stow, up through South Acton, along Rte. 62 to West Concord (it started raining at this point) to the Concord TT course, which we rode in the customary, clockwise, direction and then back to Shaw's the way we came.
I flagged a bit on the rollers on for the last few miles, Gary was kind enough to soft-pedal across the tops so I could catch up again.

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