Finally, Some Climbing

Distance: 33.7 mi.
Time: 1:51:13
Avg. Speed: 18.18 mph
Weather: 50-60º, calm, sunny and clear
Set out from home today at 8:45 a.m. to meet Ian of the MRC at the Atkinson Pool in Sudbury. It was about 50 degrees and calm, perfect weather. I never rode with Ian before, so I was a bit apprehensive about what I was getting into. You hate to make someone downgrade their workout to accommodate your lack of fitness - even if they were looking to ride with somebody rather than alone.
We started west along Hudson Road and continued as it turned into Sudbury Road past Lake Boon. Easy rollers all the way. After that, we rode through Stow Acres CC to Hudson Road where we turned north until we hit 117 where we turned west.
We went right on Lantern to pick up Hiley Brook Road which led to Harvard Road and rode past the Delaney Project. Still, easy rollers and I kept up no problem. We probably averaged 20-21 mph at this point. Just past the pond, we hit a road construction zone and had to double back. I think we took Finn to Stow Road and up Woodchuck Hill (is that the right name of that hill?) we went.
I'd already let Ian know that I would flag on the climb and that I'd likely catch back up on the descent. Sure enough, after only a few dozen yards, Ian was bounding his way up at a steady rate while I began looking for the chair lift. Actually, all things considered, I didn't do that poorly: last year I averaged about 6 minutes going up Stow from the green mailbox at the bottom to the stop sign at the top. Today, I did it in a little over 7 minutes. But Ian was WAY ahead.
Luckily for me, he graciously waited at the top and as I dragged myself up, we turned down Slough Road. Nice rolling descent. Ian led me on a route that appeared to coincide with the MRC Wednesday night ride at times (only in reverse). I don't know this section of Bolton very well but eventually we started heading north again and came into Harvard on Bolton Road.
We went right on Mass Ave./Rte. 111 and up one more medium climb and then down Stow Road. I love descending Stow Road, the turns keep it interesting without being dangerous if you feel like really bombing down... you just gotta watch for oncoming traffic. We went left on Eldridge which took us to Taylor Road, which I took and Ian went straight to head back to Sudbury.
From there I took my usual route back into Maynard and home for a quick shower and rushed into Cambridge for an appointment. I plan on doing a 30 miler of rollers tomorrow and intervals on Thursday.

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