Got a very good ride in yesterday. Set out with John K. to do an easy ride out of Maynard where we picked up the Acton Lions Club route where it crosses Rte. 117. We put in about 21 miles winding our way through Wayland, Lincoln and West Concord before making our way back to Maynard.
As John turned to head back to home, I checked the time and decided that I could use some more mileage, so I turned on the gas and rode the 12.5 "time trial" route I often use to gauge how well I'm doing fitness-wise.
I was surprised at how good I felt. Up to yesterday, I've resigned myself to accepting how much I lost this past winter having not trained very much at all. Well, somehow I managed to better my average speed for the course from 17.5 mph so far this season to over 18 mph. Very encouraging!
Today (Saturday), I can't get a ride in as I'm off photographing figure skating in the morning and then a wedding at Harvard Univ. from the afternoon through the evening. Hope to sneak a 30 miler in early tomorrow...

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