Measure for Measure

Distance: 20.7 mi.

Time: 1:00:24

Avg. speed: 20.58 mph

Weather: 70º, 79% humidity, wind ENE 8, bright overcast / sunny

Song stuck in head: Sneaky Feelings - Elvis Costello

Did the 20 mile "TT" route today as I didn't have time for a longer ride and felt as if I didn't get tapped out enough with yesterday's intervals. The wind felt stronger than weather.com indicated but I kept low and pounded the whole way. My legs definitely were telling me something along the lines of, "Hey, we did this yesterday dood, don't expect too much!"

Made the turn around in 00:30:20 and thought I would do alright against the headwind as the return trip is largely downhill. A couple of dog walkers decided to cross the road after looking only one way (not in my direction) and so I had to slow to below 20 mph right by the airfield road to let them pass.

The return trip on South Acton Road was tough as I was going right into the wind and barely managed to keep my speed above 20 mph over the rollers. By the time I got to Red Acre Road, I was definitely feeling the burn and willed myself to keep pushing.

Did alright up Pompossiticut - two out-of-saddle sprints with a short stint mashing in the saddle in between. Once I passed Summerhill Road, I checked the time - 0:59:35. Damn, I knew I couldn't make it the half mile to the finish in less than 25 seconds, there was a busy intersection to cross as well. But I picked up the pace as much as I could with what energy I had left.

I did this route in September of last year in 0:58:58, shouldn't be long before I am able to whittle that 1' 30" margin down.

MAINTENANCE: Rear hub still not right, have to figure out how to get the cones properly set. Getting noise from BB too. Will have some work to do tomorrow before I ride.

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