Again With The Rain

Indoor trainer time: 65 min.

Avg. HR: 144 bpm

Raining hard enough to bring water into the basement this morning, so back on the "go nowhere" bike again to finish watching "All the Pretty Horses". Pushed a bit harder this session, with more one-legged spin intervals thrown in the mix.

I sweat up a storm and lost 2 lbs during the session even though I put away a bottle and a half of water along the way. Tonight, I experienced some serious cramping in my right thigh... more water and stretching to follow this post.

Tomorrow, the MRC crew is either going to do the same 2 loop Stow route as last week or head up to West Rindge, NH and back (90 miles)... I'm not sure I'm ready for that quite yet.


As far as the movie went, the parallels with "Brokeback Mountain" were numerous: Two guys go off to a strange land to work at a job that the world was passing by. They get in trouble. Midway through the movie about gay cowboys, one of them says, "I wish I could quit you". In the movie about the straight cowboys, one says, "I'll never quit on you". Both movies end with lovers separated forever. And the conflict between male emotionality and Old West stoicism grinds on.

The book of ATPH was so much better than the movie. The movie never really got me in touch with the desperation that the characters experienced the way the book did.

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