Mid-week Mashing

Distance: 35.8 mi.

Time: 1:44:55

Avg. Speed: 20.46 mph

Weather: 66º, 88% humidity, wind ENE 8, mist/rain

Song stuck in head: It's Over - Boz Scaggs

Heading out of town early tomorrow so a quick synopsis of tonight's MRC Wednesday ride:

  • mist/rain started just as soon as we gathered to ride
  • big group: 14 cyclists at the start
  • idiot driver passed our paceline on a blind incline, nearly had a head-on collision with another car
  • idiot ME followed Pattie too close, crossed wheels, nearly crashed but recovered
  • felt good up Oak Hill, was last though but closer to pack than ever before
  • kept up for Fruitlands and Bear Hill climbs, recovered well for descents
  • minor pre-cramps on Taylor/S. Acton Road return trip
  • best time for this route by one minute

All-in-all very pleased with my performance.

Three days no riding: mini-cation w/family then working registration at the MRC Twilight Criterium to Benefit Cystic Fibrosis on Saturday - hopefully I'll get the chance to take some photos then too!

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