Mildew and Cobwebs

Two days in a row down in the dungeon on the trainer. Today, I got jinxed by a nice lady at the bank who, just as I was walking out the door said, "Well, it sure is nice that it's not raining today."

And then, of course, it started to rain.

In fact, it has been raining quite a bit around here lately and so I poked about the intertubes looking to see if our June precipitation was out of the norm. Found this page at NOAA's site. Boston rainfall appears to be close to normal, but for Worcester (Maynard is a bit closer to Worcester than Boston) it's nearly 50% over the average for June... and we have 7 days left in the month!

Meanwhile, my daughter is halfway through the fourth Harry Potter book. Along with reading the series so far on her own, my wife and I have taken some turns reading to her. Of course this means that I've read only bits and pieces of each book and can't seem to piece any of it together. As a result, I've been watching the movies while spinning on the trainer. I'm about 2/3 the way through "... and the Chamber of Secrets". Sure beats staring at the dryer.

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