Long Misty Days

Distance: 31.9

Time: 1:48:04

Avg. speed: 17.73 mph

Weather: 61º, 97% humidity, wind NNE8, mist/rain

Song stuck in head: Lucky Seven - Chris Squire

Wildlife seen: 1 - doe, 1 turkey hen + 5 poults

Nearly forgot to blog today's ride, it's late so I'll keep it short and sweet.

Set out today to do a 3-4 hour ride, starting with some good climbing and adding on an hour plus of rolling hills. It was obvious from the start that I was still feeling the effects of the lack of sleep Saturday night.

On top of the fatugue, it started raining (no surprise, really), so I cut it short and rode 32-ish miles along my "5 Climb" route (map below). Did the usual 6' 30" up Stow Road, felt pretty good going up the Fruitlands hills, did very well heading back toward Harvard Center along Rte. 111 but really dogged going up Oak Hill Road.

The mist was pretty thick going down Old Littleton, so I took it easy, keeping my speed below 30 mph. I was able to climb out of the saddle halfway up Taylor and cruised along pretty well down Liberty Square, Summer and the rest of the way home.

Tomorrow, weather permitting, some heavy interval training.

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