Chainring of Fire

Distance: 16.4 mi.

Time: 0:52:30

Avg. speed: 18.75 mph

Weather: 75º, 72% humidity, SSW4

Song stuck in head: Ring of Fire - Johnny Cash

"Short" ride today, but intense: after a 15 minute warm up which brought me to South Acton Road, I did 8 x 30 sec. all-out sprints with the recovery interval being the time it took my HR to drop back down to 150.

Max speed was 31.1 and max HR was 175.

The last bit of anaerobic exertion was an all-out sprint up Pompositticut (I carried 20 mph to the top).

MAINTENANCE: Just before the ride, I cleaned and repacked my rear hub as it was making some nice gritty noises. Had some trouble getting the cones set correctly as the left side of my Bonty hub has this rubber cover that keeps you from getting a wrench on the actual cone as you sock down the locking nut.

It took quite a few tries but I think I figured out just how loose to leave it so that the locking nut then pinches things together for a nice spin with no play in the bearings. Can't wait to get some new wheels with sealed bearings!

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