Words All Fail the Magic Prize

Distance: 26.1 mi.

Time: 1:24:26

Avg. Speed: 18.55 mph

Weather: 74-76º, 32-31% humidity, calm-WNW1

Song stuck in head: Add It Up - Violent Femmes

Rode one of my old regular routes this afternoon, "route G" that runs up Stow Road across Slough to Pinnacle, down Old Littleton/Oak Hill then up Taylor into Boxboro. After that it goes across 111 onto Summer, runs into Central then right on Main St. and back home again. Two good climbs, nice descents and rollers all in a 90 minute or less package.

I won't go into much detail except for a few points:

  • I confirmed that I merely wasn't paying attention yesterday as I came down Stow and went all the way to 117. I made sure I found a landmark to recognize at the Wescott/Stow intersection (a boulder) when I do the ride on Saturday.
  • I ran out of my regular "bug juice" yesterday and had only water today... could that have had a significant effect on performance?
  • My time up Stow was my typical 6' 30". Felt faster, I guess that's a good thing.
  • Checking my 2008 log, I completed this route in under 81 minutes, on my Bianchi. In fact it was the last training ride I did on that bike before buying the LeMond I am riding now.
  • I made myself laugh during the ride as I imagined a mashup of yesterday's SSIH with today's.

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